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About the character
Name: Kirsten Joana Berkley
Age: 29
Hometown: New York, New York
Student/Staff/Townie: Staff
Year if student: NA
Major or subject taught: Dance
Clubs and sports involved in:NA
Housing (Dorms, Greek Row, Off Campus, may choose single or double): Off campus
PB: Anne Hathaway
Interests: Dance, shopping, exercise, ballet, jazz, teaching, Merlot, New York life, reading, coffee houses, relaxing
Characteristics, traits and personality: From even the very first look, you can tell Kirsten Berkley isn't your typical college professor. Young and fresh faced this beautiful brunette is likely to be mistaken for one of more students more often than confused for a co-worker. Her graceful and elegant movements as she glides down the corridor's of the Abernathy institute an indicator of just which class she teaches, dance. She is mature and sophisticated, due to years spent living on the upper East side, as a successful, head lining ballerina, as well as a long stint on Broadway. Those qualities however often make the young woman appear rather stuffy or snobby, but the truth is one only needs to get to know her, to see caring and fun person inside. Kirsten is dedicated and determined as one would have to be, to be even a small success in show business. Now however that she was forced to give up her promising career on stage, she has begun to question if all of those years she spent training had been worth it.
Brief history and background: Two years ago it was hard to see a bus passing by, or pick up a flyer without seeing Kirsten's name. Twenty years of work and toil, had saw the brown eyed ballerina at the top of her field, landing major rolls in several musicals, as well as a principal dancer with the New York Ballet. She had just purchased her own condo on the upper East side, and was truly living the dream, that many young girls arrive in the big city with. But it was during the peak of her career that Kirsten suffered a freak accident that would turn her world completely upside down. Falling from the bleachers while attending a Yankee's game the dainty dancer, severely injured her leg and putting an end to her career.

The healing process was a long and painful one and by the time Kirsten was even able to begin training again, she was 28 years old, an old lady by the standards of her profession. Not willing to completely give up the art that she had dedicated her life to, despite knowing she would never be on stage again, the pretty prima persevered by becoming a dance instructor at the Abernathy Institute for the arts. Despite being one of the youngest members of staff Kirsten can often she seen walking the halls of the school with a slight limp, that tries to conceal as best as she can, to avoid showing weakness to her students. She feels if they don't believe in her, they can't respect her or learn from her. After all those who can, do. And those who can't, teach.


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Kirsten Joana Berkley

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